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Berkeley, CA


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Population: 121,485 | Median Home Price: $1,728,529 | Diversity Index: 68

Located in the Bay Area just northeast of San Francisco, Berkeley, California, is a true 15-minute city. Thanks to good buy-in from local leadership and a connected network of low-stress neighborhood streets, the university town has high levels of ridership. Most essential services are within an easily bikeable distance of residents, and thanks to Berkeley's “Bike Boulevards,” the city’s network of low-stress neighborhood streets, there are usually multiple ways to safely reach a destination.

This ease of bikeability, combined with the region’s temperate climate and easy-on-the-eyes locale, lends itself to a lot of locals choosing to get out on two wheels. Around town, it's as common to see college students biking to class as it is to see parents hauling toddlers on a cargo bike. Some 10% of Berkeley residents travel to work by bike, among the highest rates of bike commuting in the U.S. Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguín doesn’t even have a driver’s license, choosing instead to get around by electric bicycle.


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