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Over 50% of all crashes occur at intersections, making them a key target for safety improvements. Intersection treatments that improve bike network safety and connectivity and increase a city’s Bicycle Network Analysis Score include traffic signals, stop signs, crossing islands, and flashing beacons. Cities can also create safer intersections by lowering travel speeds, vertically separating people bicycling from cars, and reducing motor vehicle travel lanes.

Case Study: Edmonton, AB

Edmonton, Alberta is building safer intersections through its Vision Zero Crossing Program. The Safe Crossings program installs crossing islands, flashing beacons, and protected left turn signals, among other improvements. Edmonton’s program does not rely solely on public requests to choose where to implement safe crossings, which can result in investments concentrated in the most vocal communities. Rather, Edmonton uses a combination of quantitative and qualitative data to identify intersection improvements that will produce the biggest immediate impact on safety.

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Edmonton, AB


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